LARABA Meeting Minutes October 2007

Board Meeting Minutes October 8, 2007 Meeting Artshare L.A., 6:30 P.M Board members in attendance: John Saslow,  Paul Solomon,  Kathryn Hargreaves, Jonathan Jerald, Tim Keating, Steve Alwright, Kate Bartolo, Marc Free, Kim Paperin, Bijal Shah, Mark Walsh,  MagnusWalker, Tom Minkler Community members in...

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LARABA Meeting Minutes May 2007

Meeting Minutes Annual Open Meeting of the Board of Directors May 1, 2007 Artshare, 326 Hewitt St.,  7:00 p.m.     Board Members Present: President Tim Keating, Vice President Paul Solomon, Treasurer Kathryn Hargreaves, Secretary Jonathan Jerald, Marc Free, Steve Allwright, Tom Minkler,...

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LARABA Meeting Minutes July 2007

Board Meeting Minutes July 2nd, 2007 Artshare, 6:30pm Attendees: John Saslow, Steve Alwright, Kate Becker, Marc Free, Kathryn Hargreaves, Magnus Walker, Tom Minkler, Kim Paperin, Paul Solomon, Mark Walsh, Ralph Porter, Tara Devine. 1) Voted to accept the minutes. 2) Discussed Joel Blooms...

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LARABA Meeting Minutes August 2007

LARABA Board Meeting Minutes August 6, 2007 Meeting Art Share LA, 6:30pm   1. Attendance Board Members present: Bijal Shah, John Saslow, President, Kate Bartolo, Kathryn Hargreaves, Treasurer, Magnus Walker, Marc Free, Paul Solomon, Tom Minkler   Guests: Bob Shilland Dave Stahl Drew Lesso Jack...

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