LARABA – Agenda for March 3rd, 2014

LARABA – Agenda for March 3rd, 2014

Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association


Board Meeting

March 3, 2014 at 6:30 pm

Art Share 801 East 4th Place,

Los Angeles, CA 90013


I.  Roll Call

II. Approval of prior meeting minutes

III. Executive report

(LA Dept. of City Planning)

IV. Treasury report and Budget committee report

(RFF recommendations, Dog Park fee, board fee)

V. New Business

A. Nate Page documentary RFF: decision

B. Anna Broome Room RFF: decision

C. Bloomfest profits

D. film revenue contributions to ADCA: decision

E. Greg Ralston (American Hotel)

F. Brian Manley (Artisan on 2nd — equity residents)

G. lock choices for dog park

H. CD 14 Neighborhood Clean-up April 5

I. Code of Conduct

J. Angel City & Thursday Farmer’s Market

K. The Yards at One Santa Fe (CUP)

VI. Committee Reports

(as needed: Budget, Bloomfest, Bylaws & Elections, Land Use, Greening, LA River, Strategic Plan)

VII. Public Comments and Announcements

VIII. Closed Board Meeting


VIII. Adjournment