LARABA Annual Meeting Minutes December 2012

LARABA Annual Meeting Minutes December 2012

Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association


Monday, December 3, 2012, Nola’s, 734 E. Third St.

Signed in: Jonathan Jerald, Tim Keating, Drew Lesso, Chris Fudurich, Steve Alwright, Shaun Thyne, Lili Lakich, Paul Mackley, Miguel Vargas, Gabrielle Newmark, Jamie Bennett, Laura Velkei, Edgar Varela (thirty or so friends and guests also attended) 

I.       Meet and Greet

II.      Roll Call and Call to Order:  6:52

III.     Approval of November Minutes:  Amended to reflect Laura was present at November meeting. Tim moves to approve as amended. Laura seconds: passes unanimously.

IV.    2012 Key Points: Joseph: highlights of past year and goals for 2013

V.     New Business

A.     Removal of Members

Beth Topping, Hank Fortner, Kathryn Hargreaves have failed to attend minimum number of meetings required to sustain membership.  Joseph moves to approve, Jonathan seconds: passes with one abstention.

B.     Confirmation of Current Members

Chris Fudurich, Daniel Lahoda, Edgar Varela, Jamie Bennett, Jonathan Jerald, Joseph Pitruzzelli, Laura Velkei, Norm Solomon, Paul Mackley, Scott Ezzell, Steve Alwright, Tim Keating, Tom Minkler, Yuval Bar-Zemer, Mark Walsh, Marc Free.  Jamie movers to confirm, Tom seconds: passes unanimously.

C.     Election of new board members

                                                               1.     Shaun Thyne:  Jonathan moves to approve, Paul seconds: unanimously approved

                                                               2.     Deborah Meadows:  Steve moves to approve, Tim seconds:  unanimously approved

                                                               3.     Wendy Sherman:  Joseph moves, Chris seconds:  unanimously approved

                                                               4.     Gabrielle Newmark:  Jamie moves to approve, Laura and Chris second:  unanimously approved

                                                               5.     Emilio Pesqueira:  Not present, Paul moves to defer to a future meeting, Jonathan seconds:  unanimously passes

D.     Nomination and Election of Officers

1.    President:  Jonathan nominates Joseph, Jamie seconds: unanimously approved

2.   Vice President:  Laura noiminated Tim, Edgar seconds:      unanimously approved

3.  Secretary :  Edgar nominates Jonathan,  Laura seconds:  unanimously approved

4.  Treasurer:  Joseph nominates Chris Fuduriuch,Jonathan seconds, passes unanimously

  VI:  Public Announcements

A.     Jamie thanks CD14 for participating

B.     Laura reminds all that Winterfest begins on Friday

C.     Scott Ezzell reminds all that Ralph Porter, long time Arts District resident, passed away.

                       VII:  Adjournment for social mixer:  7:20