LARABA Meeting Minutes June 2012

LARABA Meeting Minutes June 2012

LARABA Board Meeting Minutes, June 4th, 2012



Present:  Joseph Pitruzzelli. Jonathan Jerald, Paul Mackley, Laura Velkei, Tom Minkler, Tim Keating, Daniel Lahoda, Yuval Bar-Zemer, Steve Alwright, Jamie Bennett, Marc Free, Edgar Varela, Scott Ezzell, Jessica Marquez, Gabrielle Newmark, Andrew Raitt, Lisl Huffaker, Shannon Klerike, August Williams, Melissa Richardson Banks, Damon Martin.


  1. Roll call and call to Order:  6:36
  2. Approval of May Minutes (incorrectly listed as ‘June’ minutes in June agenda –jj):  Jamie moves, Tim seconds, passes unanimously
  3.  Public Announcements: 
    1. Scott Ezzell announced neighborhood watch participants have been invited to tour the Angel City Brewery on its next watch walk (meets every Wednesday evening at Traction and Hewitt around 6 pm)
    2. Jonathan announced that Damon Martin brought muralist Kent Twitchell to the community and that Damon had arranged with Kent for him to bring his Ed Ruscha mural to the Arts District and that he proposes to do it on the northwest-facing side of the American Hotel.  Property owner has tentatively agreed, details pending.   Cost ($5,000) to be borne by neighborhood council, CD14, LADADSpace and LARABA.
    3. Yuval announces that he has opened an electric car charging station at 660 Mateo.
    4. Yuval announces a new business (The Bread Lounge) has opened at 7th and Santa Fe.
    5. Daniel Lahoda announced he is launching a billboard campaign with about 10 Clear Channel billboards to promote his LA Freewalls project and that he hopes the billboards will drive interest in and promote cultural tourism to the Arts District.
  4.  President’s Report:
    1. County Parking Lot:  Joseph and Jonathan met with County officials and there is tentative agreement to open the lot that is entered on Hewitt at 4th Pl. to public parking evenings and weekends (preserving ArtShare’s agreement for event and church parking). Could open up more than 500 spaces to parking in the Traction area. 
    2. Cultural Affairs Meeting:  Tim Keating reports that he, Paul Solomon and Jonathan attended a recent meeting at Cultural Affairs to discuss the Broadway low-cost artists’ housing project.  One outcome is that Cultural Affairs Director Olga Garay will make a site visit to the Arts District to check out several city-owned properties as potential artists’ low cost housing.  Visit scheduled for early next month. 
    3. Summit of Non-Profits:  Jonathan announced that LADADSpace hosted a meeting with representatives of SCI-Arc, Cornerstone Theater, Self-Help Graphics, Padua Playwrights and CD14.  Participates tentatively agreed to work together to seek grants for the Arts District center for the arts at space donated by developer of One Santa Fe. 
  5. Bid Report:  Michael Tansy absent.
  6.  New Business
    1. SCI-Arc new facility:  Jamie Bennett announced a new facility at  Sci- Arc, the “Hispanic Steps,” carpeted wide stairs that can seat about 40 to 50 and is available for public events, lectures, activities featuring projects video and other purposes. 
    2. NeighborGoods:  Micki Kimmel, a resident of 923 E. Third St. announced a new bi-monthly event:  LA Start Up – listed as one of the 100 best new start ups in Entrepreneur Magazine.  New project is is to facilitate trading and sharing with ‘favor credits.’ Board members asked to participate through address on business cards distributed at meeting.  Wider public participation TBD. For more information or to clarify or correct this imperfect summary, contact Micki at
    3. (Item moved from III, Public Announcements as per JP – JJ) Jonathan and Tim request support to fill in the hole in the sidewalk on Traction between Rose and Third before Bloomfest.  Cost will not exceed $100.  No objections raised.
    4. Public meeting concluded:  Board members meet in executive session

VII. Adjournment:  7:40

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