LARABA Meeting Minutes September 2011

LARABA Meeting Minutes September 2011

Los Angeles River Artists & Business Association (LARABA)

Board Meeting Minutes

Monday September 12, 2011

ArtShare L.A., 6:30 PM

I.    Roll Call and Call to Order:  6:35 PM

II.    Approval of July Minutes:  Tim Moves, Paul seconds, unanimously approved

III.    Public Announcements

a.    City is completing cross-downtown bike lane that will extend along 7th Street east across 7th Street Bridge between Boyle Heights and MacArthur Park.

b.    PRESENTATION:  California High Speed Rail Authority:  Route will pass through northern portion of Arts District.  Follow-up presentations to AD/LT community TBA.

c.    Tamar Fortgang described Medea Project.  She is planning to request funding support ($1,500) at next month’s meeting.  Project will include performances of Medea beneath the 7th St bridge to complement production staged in Greece.

IV.    Old Business

a.    Tyler Razor Wire initiative:  Jonathan to survey razor wire locations in Traction area.  Businesses that cooperate will be listed on our website.

V.    New Business

a.    Urban Design Charette:  Tim proposes LARABA contribute $1,000 to support the charette (with like amounts to be contributed from the HCNC, LADADSPace and the BID.  Vote postponed until target dates are finalized.

b.    Treasury Report:  Total cost of Bloomfest was $4,500.  Current balance is $20,526.00   
Green Neighborhood:  Guy Zimmerman requests LARABA support to develop green community initiatives.  He will follow up with specific proposals. No request for funding contemplated at this time.

VI.    Public Comments, announcements:  None

VII. Adjournment:  8:15