LARABA Board Meeting November 2013

LARABA Board Meeting November 2013

LARABA Board Meeting Minutes DRAFT

Monday, November 4, 2013, 6:30 pm

Art Share LA, 801 E. 4th Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90013


I.  Call to Order and Roll Call: 6:36 pm

II. Approval of prior meeting minutes:  Tim moves to approve, Yuval seconds, approved with 2 abstentions

III. Executive Report:

A. Farmers Market Update:  Jonathan reports we are planning to bring weekly farmers market back to Bloom Square Triangle and Rose between Traction and Third with support from Angel City.  Start date is February 6th.  

B.  Arts District Park Meeting:  Miguel Vargas from CD 14 announces there will be a community meeting to discuss the park on Hewitt and 5th adjacent to the clean tech campus on Wednesday, November 6th, 6 pm at Art Share. All are invited.

IV.  Treasury Report:  Chris Fudurich reports there is $22,019.29 on hand.

V.  New Business:

A.  LA River Expeditions RFF: Jed Schipper requests $240.00 to underwrite kayak LA river expeditions for the underprivileged.  Jamie moves to approve, Scot seconds, approved with 4 abstentions

B.  900 E. 4th St. PRESENTATION:  Legendary Developments proposing a, 8,000 sq. ft. restaurant with a full line of alcohol and a six-lane bowling alley with a total of 111 interior seats and a 1,706 sq. ft. outdoor patio with 74 seats, operating hours 11 am to 2 am, and a drive-in theater (with no alcohol sales). Presentation only, no action requires at this time. 

C.  Pour Haus Wine Bar CUP Renewal (combined with item D, below)

D.  Church and State CUP Renewal:  Yuval Bar-Zemer requests letter supporting application for renewal of CUPs for Pour haus and Church and State.  Discussion.  Joseph moves to approve a provisional letter of support barring any changes to current CUP which could necessitate further review.  Jonathan seconds.  Passes with one abstention (Yuval).

E.  Winterfest RFF:  Tim Keating requests $2,500 to match LADADSpace’s contribution to support Winterfest.  Daniel moves to approve, Laura seconds.  Passes with three abstentions.

F.  Annual Meeting:  proposal to allocate $1,500 for annual meeting at Nola’s (with an additional $500 to be spent only if needed):  Norm moves to approve, Steve seconds:  approved with one abstention

G.  Bike Lanes Revisited:  Report:  Gabrielle Newmark reports on city’s plan to create bike lanes along 7th St. and reiterates the position of this body to encourage consideration of an alternate route of two-way lanes along 6th St., particularly as the new 6th St. Bridge will be equipped with bike lanes.  Gabrielle requests LARABA request DOT or other relevant city agencies provide studies that show us where bike lanes are to be places and what alternatives may be available to create alternate routes.  Passes with one abstention.  Gabrielle to draft letter.

H.  Election Committee Update:  Jamie Bennett:  Report on bylaws:  bylaws specify a board of no more than 39 seats; require annual election of all board members; board must do its best to balance allocation of seats such that 50% are artists and 50% are non-artists. Bylaws require nominations be submitted 30 days in advance of election. Election procedures to be discussed and agreed to in executive session.  In executive session, Joseph moves total number of boar seats be limited to 20, Yuval seconds, motion defeated.  Jonathan moves board be limited to 24 seats, 50% artists and 50% non-artists, and that we accept nominations through this coming Friday to accommodate new applicants. Norm seconds, motion approved.  


1)      As Per Jamie (election committee)

2)      All Board Members stand for re-election each year.

3)      All people who are residents, property owners, or business owners or their employees may self-nominate.

4)      People wishing to be considered will provide a short bio.

5)      The Board has determined that the number of Directors for 2014 will be 24 (vs 20 this year)

6)      The Nomination process will be held open until this Friday November, 8th..

7)      The Board will get a list of all self-nominated individuals…both current Board members or self-nominated new Board members.

8)      The By-Laws say that the Board shall endeavor to have the Board 50% artists and 50% non-artists

9)      The people on this self-nomination list will be broken into two groups….Artists and Non-Artists.

10)   The existing Board members shall, sitting as a nominating committee of the whole, vote for 12 artists from the list and 12 non-artists.

11)   These ballots shall be tallied and a slate of 12 Artists and 12 Non-arstists receiving the greatest number of votes will be the slate of candidates brought before the Board at the annual meeting for vote as the Board nominated slate.

12)   By vote of the Board at the Annual Meeting the next Board will be elected.

13)   That new Board will select its officers 

14)   As per Joseph (Election Committee) Two additional points -1.  A board member does not have to use all of the 24 votes; 2. A nominee must be voted by the majority