2015 11 02 Agenda 6:30PM – @ArtShareLA 801 e 4th Pl LA, CA 90013
Prepared by Angel Castillo

I. Roll Call
Christopher Fudurich, Yuval Bar-Zemer, Mark Walsh, Tim Keating, Wendy Sherman, Heath Satow, Joseph Pitruzzelli, Beth Topping, Dawn Cody (arrived 6:50), Tom Minkler, Cindy Schwartzstein, Gabrielle Newmark, Mark Borman (arrived 6:52), Lindsay Hollister, Justin Shenkarow.

II. Approval of previous meeting minutes
Motion to approve: Gabrielle
Seconded: Heath
Outcome: Abstain, Tim Keating, Beth Topping, Wendy Sherman

III. LAPD SLO Chris Jarvis
(Officer Jarvis is out, recovering from knee surgery)

IV. Public Comments

V. Officer’s Report [ President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary ]

President, Christopher Fudurich:
Nothing new to report.

VP, Yuval Bar-Zemer:
Train Opera – Hopscotch: tickets are sold out, but Yuval is recommending paying attention for new ticket release.

Treasurer, Joseph Pitruzzelli:
63,475.00 (actual cash)
5102.00 Expenses

Nothing new to report.

VI. New Business
Board reminded of new bios, introduced new candidates:

Naomi Scully
Artist, (read bio),

(Mr.) Dori Keller
Artist, (listed items on bio), served on many non-profits, feels very at home in AD, wants to be community, is a “low income” housing candidate that achieved housing. Champion for helping artists/low income stay in the AD.

Todd Tarrazas
Business, runs a technology business, AD Dog Park Committee, sustainable living, using ADFM as social anchor “neighborhood night”

Miguel Vargas, business
Realizes that LARABA is special, sees value in community platform, wants to make the AD a better place, improve quality of life, create a strategic plan.

James Scott, artist
Unable to attend (out of town). Circulated bio

Damon Martin
(Christopher will send out bio, he’s out of town)

Seats open: potentially four*
*At time of mtg., Christopher was unsure of Norm’s status. As of 11/10/15, Norm will be stepping down for 2016 for family reasons and intends to run again at a later date.
Stepping down from Board:
Jamie Bennett
Tom Minkler
Lindsay Hollister
Wendy Sherman
Norm Solomon (?)

I. Elections
(will be discussed in Executive portion of meeting)

VII. Committee Reports

Assets / Marketing: Lindsay
Discussed ADFM Halloween event, great community event, suggested we do more to continue excitement for ADFM area.

Budget: Joseph
Nothing to report. Suggested “no budgets” until new Board is elected.

Bylaws & Elections Tom Minkler
Will be discussed in Executive portion of meeting
BID rep: Yuval Bar-Zemer
Miguel: City ordinance: people not allowed to sleep under bridges, suggests we “look the other way” in compassion for people on rainy days. If a certain bridge gets out of control, they will do something. Mentioned Willow studios was robbed, suspects were apprehended and property was returned.
(Board members agreed, no official motion or vote)

Yuval metioned that at his property (2121 7th Place) that people have Postal master keys and are committing theft of packages, illegal entry, etc., Beth suggested reaching out to Melissa Richardson (had a similar situation). Yuval will send Angel photos of perpetrators to share via social media.

Dog Park: Dawn Cody
Had mtg. With Miguel and Leslie Stein (dog trainer). Huizar wants to do event in dog park (February), we’re looking for him to possibly replace water fountain/service trees. Dawn also wants to make sure it’s a AD Dog Park fundraiser.

Brought up that Dog Park needs better signage for dog park (promo stuff)

Greening: Gabrielle Newmark
Update: Mark Walsh asked about 6th street trees (need trimming), Gabrielle has emailed contracted maintenance to see if they can trim trees. Wants to divert approved funds for watering to trimming instead
(Board members agreed, no official motion or vote)

Q. What can you do if a tree is starting to lean?
A. If it’s small enough, you can train, if not, you need to hire an arborist to use a secured guide wire to adjust. With heavy rains, you should really pay attention to this issue.

Land Use: Tyler Stonebreaker
Verizon tower: Zoning Admin said there are issue regarding land ownership/project location. Verizon was advised to rectify or withdraw case or submit for re-hearing.

River: Yuval Bar-Zemer
No material updates, still general controversy over Ghery plan, repositioning of scope of work, meeting next week to better understand objective.
Yuval mentioned senate bill to provide funding for the lower part of the river (bike paths, etc.)
Christopher: Reiterated invitation to board of high speed rail meeting on Nov. 4th
Weds @ City Hall: LA river river adjacent committee meeting.

VIII. 5-10 minute break


IX. Executive Meeting [ LARABA members only ]

Official mailing address to be:
attn: Josepeh Pitruzelli
826 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 9001

X. Adjournment