April 2012

The History of Bloom-fest

Known for his bellowing “Whaddaya want?” and a soft-hearted bark worse than his bite, Joel Bloom is the pioneering community activist who helped shape the Downtown Arts District in Los Angeles and was recognized as its unofficial mayor with his shoebox-sized general store serving as...

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History of LARABA

History of LARABA   Late developer Al Tiara and current Arts District resident and musician Drew Lesso founded Los Angeles River Artist and Business Association (LARABA) in the 90s to coordinate the voices of resident artists and existing businesses in this industrial zone....

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association (LARABA), a 501(c)4 community betterment association, is to improve the quality of life and enhance opportunities for all Arts District stakeholders by encouraging a lively and healthy social, cultural and economic environment.   LARABA...

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Bloomfest 2012 Is TODAY! - April 1, 2012

Bloomfest 2012 Is TODAY!

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, July 21 • 2 PM to 10 PM Enjoy live music, great food, and one of the largest public displays of street art in Los Angeles. 5th Annual BloomfestLA Music + Street Art + Food + Drinks + Shenanigans...

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