The Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association (LARABA) is a coalition of diverse community leaders committed to advocating for a healthy evolution of the Arts District by focusing on: community well-being, supporting the business community, motivating the LA River efforts and nurturing the arts.


The Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association (LARABA) is a coalition of diverse community leaders united by their passion and commitment to the Arts District as a vibrant jewel of Los Angeles.  Long a cultural hub of creative expression, authenticity, and inclusion, the Arts District thrives as an ecosystem of voices, imagination, and artists of all mediums. As the area evolved, LARABA emerged as the principal organization committed to sustaining that which made the area unique to Los Angeles —  a steward of its creative origins, measured and intelligent growth, environmental guardianship, and advocate of public policy that supports the greatest good for all its inhabitants and businesses.

LARABA functions as a central axis in the Los Angeles Arts District, connecting and supporting the growth of its Business, Arts and Community by upholding its history and catalyzing its future.

The Arts District has a rich history and bright future.  Our projects protect both.

Community Meetings

Our community meetings are lively gatherings where you can hear about the latest plans, the biggest challenges, and the current pulse of the Arts District.


From art exhibitions to a growing farmers market, we create and support events that enrich our diverse community.

Artists built this place.

As history repeats itself, we are faced with important questions.  Can we afford to live, work or even eat here?  Who speaks for us?  Are galleries hidden behind bars?  Are historic buildings being replaced by plastic condos?

Come join us and together we will look up towards the face of the future, grounded in the foundation of the past.


  • 13 Nov How many myths about the flu do you have going on?

    Influenza: What you need to know by Dr. Ali Badday    Hello Citizens of the Arts District, It’s officially flu season. It is the time when the weather changes, daylight hours become less, and ...

  • 15 May Welcome to LARABA’s Arts District District Dog Park

    The park is run run by volunteers in the community. If you would like to volunteer to help please sign up to OUR VOLUNTEER PAGE for a series of options. If you need to SUBMIT A REPAIR TICKET you can d...


    BLOOMFEST LA IS BACK, BABY!   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE www.bloomfestla.org   Contact:                Cindy Schwarzstein                                     Beth Topping  ...


There are no upcoming events at this time.

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