Our Mission

The purpose of the Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association (LARABA), a 501(c)4 community betterment association, is to improve the quality of life and enhance opportunities for all Arts District stakeholders by encouraging a lively and healthy social, cultural and economic environment.


LARABA also seeks to preserve and promote the Arts District as a true creative community for the cultural and economic benefit of all Angelenos.


Further, the Association strives to provide a community forum to develop common goals and engage in cooperative strategies to guide the evolution of the Arts District as it meets future challenges.

A blue image with white text that reads: "LARABA has partnered on projects with LACity, CD 14, LADADSpace, Actors Fund, ArtShareLA, and other non-profit organizations."

Contact LARABA

LARABA is a community group by the people for the people. ¬†LARABA has been the strongest voice protecting the essence of the Arts District. ¬†We’d like for you to join us and our mission.

To contact us, email us at: info@laraba.org