About the Arts District Dog Park


In 2009, LARABA launched the Arts District Dog Park Park project spearheaded by former LARABA President John Saslow, Senior Lead Officer, Jack Richter and LARABA Board member Sharon Tomlin. The construction of the park including labor and materials was provided by Board members and neighbors in the Community and is a true example of community spirit.

Arts District Dog Park - April 5, 2015

AD Dog Park Amenities

  • Features

    • Dog Water Fountain
    • Separate small dog area
    • Shade trees
    • Decomposed granite surface
    • Benches for humans
    • Double gate safety entrance
    • Community bulletin board
    • Pooper-scoopers
    • Trash bins


Address: 1004 E 4th St Los Angeles, CA 90013

Park Hours:  5:00am-11pm  Daily


  • Dogs entering the park must be at least four months old, neutered or spayed, and up to date on shots and licensing.
  • Please clean up after you dog. Pooper-scoopers are available to cut down on plastic bags that end up in landfills.
  • Do not leave behind any small or broken toys that a large dog can swallow.
  • Aggressive dogs will not be tolerated. Owners and their pets will be asked to leave and not return.
  • NEVER leave a dog unattended in the park. All dogs must be accompanied by their owners, any dog left on it’s own in the park will be considered abandoned and turned over to the proper authorities.


Your donations keep our community dog park going!


This wonderful dog and people socialization spot is NOT run or supported by the City of Los Angeles. While the land is being generously loaned to the community, there are yearly operational costs to cover. You can help keep the Arts District Dog Park open to the public with a donation to cover operational costs.

Support with a Commemorative Plaque!


Permanent, trophy style stainless steel “dog bone” plaques are available to commemorate your support of the Arts District Dog Park. The name of the donor, the year donated, and a brief message is displayed on each “bone”. (available space dictates number of characters)

The “bones” are the exact silhouette of the Arts District Dog Park sign, designed by internationally recognized metal sculptor and dog park regular, Heath Satow.

See The Donor Wall

Arts District Dog Park - April 5, 2015



Did you find something broken at the dog park?  Do you have an idea for how we can make the park more enjoyable for the dogs or their owners?  Leave us a note in the spaces below.



Want to be a part of making the Arts District great?  You can volunteer and join us in keeping our community strong.

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What are the park’s hours?

The door unlocks at 5:00 am and locks again automatically at 11pm. Don’t let our fancy key-pad lock scare you, if it is between those hours just turn the handle and PUSH and the door should open.

Why no grass?

With a park as small as ours grass is just not an option. Not only would it require costly irrigation, it would not last long with the wear and tear that dogs put on it. What we have instead is a decomposed granite (DG) surface, which is a great, low maintenance surface for a dog park. DG is an inorganic material that does not collect bacteria and odors or harbor fleas and other insects. It’s also very easy to pick up your dog’s solid waste. Yes, we know it can be dusty but should brush out of your dog’s fur pretty easily. We have done a lot of research and this really is the best option for our small city park that is only funded by donations.

How can I get my business involved?

Donate to the park and have your name permanently displayed in the park on one of our plaques (link to donation page- maybe another support button?)

Want to Volunteer?

Our park is run by the efforts and hard work of people in our community. We are always looking for committed individuals to help us with fundraising and events as well as maintaining the park. If you’re interested in pitching in, please let us know!

Dog Park Donors

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